Student Clash

Beat other students and become the new TCS eSports Student Clash Champion!


The TCS Student Clash is a 2v2 competition in Rocket League. Players will be representing their School or University and will be competing against other teams of the same or different schools and universities of Switzerland. There will be four qualification tournaments in which the winning team will earn a spot to fight in the grand final on the 15th of June.

So get your classmates together and sign up for the TCS Student Clash!

Rulebook: Here!
Terms of Participation: Here!

Student Clash Qualifier #1

When: 4th May
Winner: Flou Fighters

Student Clash Qualifier #2

When: 11th May
Winner: Hello World

Student Clash Qualifier #3

When: 18th May
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Student Clash Qualifier #4

When: 6th June
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