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The TCS eSports League

The TCS eSports League is the largest Rocket League competition in Switzerland. The League offers a competition for the best national teams and Challenger Cups are held for amateurs and young e-athletes. 

The games are played cross-platform 3v3 on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and on the computer. The Rocket League players can win honour, fame and prize money up to 2,400 Swiss francs.

All matches will be commentated live in English and streamed on Twitch.tv.

Here you will find all the important documents to download:

Conditions of participation

Official Rules

Confidentiality and data security 


Each team in the League receives a basic compensation of 400 Swiss francs. This compensation is linked to various conditions and is intended to reward the teams for actively cooperating with the league organisation. The best teams in the League win additional prize money in the final:

  1. place: 2’400 Swiss francs
  2. place: 1’800 Swiss francs
  3. place: 1’200 Swiss francs
  4. place:   600 Swiss francs

Tournament format

The ten best teams duel during the season in a single round robin system, in which best-of-five is played. The teams play a round robin against each other for 9 weeks and collect points.


In the following season, the six first-placed league teams (Playoffs teams) and the four winners of the Relegation will play in the league.

Challenger Cups

During the season, two Challenger Cups will take place. The cups each last one day and the winners of a cup can face the lowest ranked teams of the league at the end of a season in the Relegation. The best teams of the Relegation will play in the League in the following season.

The game: Rocket League


Rocket League is virtual football with cars. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal with vehicles.

  • The playing field is a kind of cage closed at the top with bands and grids.
  • The cars are modified with a rocket propulsion, which allows them an increased acceleration and big jumps/flights.
  • By jumping the ball is hit further.
  • By driving over the marked fields, speed boosts “Boost” (rocket propulsion) can be collected.
  • Using “Boost”, the car can rapidly accelerate and gain additional momentum; it can then continue to hit the ball or destroy the opponent’s car with a targeted collision.
  • If a player uses the “Boost” in a jump, he can fly and hit or fend off balls at great heights.

A game lasts five minutes and ends at the end of the playing time as soon as the ball touches the ground of the playing field again.

Rocket League was released in 2015 and can be played as a cross-platform game on PC as well as various consoles.